Internet of Things

Internet Of Things

The digitalization of businesses and society will increase efficiency in terms of time and the use of natural resources. Technology companies and research institutes estimate the number of connected devices to reach many tens of billions by 2020. TalkPool enables the IoT ecosystem by offering professional services and solutions, comprising a comprehensive range of design, creation and realization of IoT solutions and products. TalkPool’s core competences include telecom-, radio- and security and has great geographical reach.

TalkPool has to date deployed multiple IoT-specialized low power wide area networks and is active in several trials and network planning projects world-wide. The specialized IoT-network constitute an important part in the IoT-ecosystem which will help enable the large market potential. TalkPool works in several IoT verticals to explore the potential of utilizing IoT in our customers’ business enabling them to offer an enhanced product/service to their customers.

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One example is from TalkPool’s home region in the Swiss alps where we have designed an IoT-system which will help increase safety and efficiency in the ski-area. The system is built around a local IoT-network connecting sensors and skiers through a smartphone-app. For specific inquiries about how TalkPool can assist your company in utilizing the potential in the Internet of Things please see the contact form below.

Network Services


The telecom network services business unit comprises TalkPool’s core competence areas such as planning, implementation and maintenance of mobile and fixed telecom networks. The services offering is developed based on the needs for customized, but cost efficient and flexible services from equipment vendors and telecom operators around the world.

TalkPool has implemented telecom networks in over 50 countries on six continents with ongoing operations and maintenance contracts for telecom networks in several countries. TalkPool can quickly manage projects in different markets through a reliable team of global experts combined with local market presence on four continents.

TalkPool has a well-established market position, is supplier and technology independent and has long-standing frame-work agreements with global equipment vendors. For inquiry and requests for proposal see contact form below.

Global partnership platform

Global partnership platform

In order to further increase growth and expand into new markets, TalkPool has launched a global partnership model that allows local partners and contractors to join TalkPool either by a joint venture or by franchising. Through the Global Partnership Model TalkPool will be enabled to gain increased leverage from its expertise and long history in the Network Services market. TalkPool will together with local partners enter new markets and market segments.

TalkPool’s geographical base combined with the JV Franchising model will allow the company to grow in its established markets in Europe, the Americas and Africa. In new and remote regions, TalkPool will aim at finding master franchise partners.


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